What’s In A Name? Choosing The Best Name For Your Dental Practice

What’s In A Name Choosing The Best Name For Your Dental Practice

There may be a few reasons why you have to change the name of your dental practice.

You may be opening an entirely new practice, buying a dental practice from another dentist and need to make it unique to you, or you may be expanding to other services or collaborating with a new partner and the current name of your practice is no longer suitable.

What’s In A Name Choosing The Best Name For Your Dental Practice

Regardless of the reason why you want to change the name of your dental practice, coming up with the best one for you is crucial. It’s not something you can rush into and requires a lot of thought.

But hopefully, our article can take the pressure off the decision!

Below we have examples of what to call your dental practice depending on your preference and needs, factors to consider when naming your dental practice, and pitfalls to avoid when rebranding your business.

First, let’s take a closer look at the importance of a name.

Why Choosing The Right Name For Your Dental Practice Is Important

There is an art to choosing the right name for your business, and the name of your dental practice is what gives your patients their first impression of you.

You want a name that is professional and authoritative while stating clearly what you are.

However, you also want a name that clients will remember. There is nothing wrong with choosing a catchy name; however, you can sometimes go too catchy or gimmicky and forfeit professionalism.

After all, you want your business to be taken seriously. It’s all about finding the right balance between professional and memorable.

So is choosing the right name for your dental practice important?

Yes, it is! Not only does it make marketing easier, but it can also improve your SEO by using keywords that state clearly what you do and helps you reach a wider audience online.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of factors to consider when naming your dental practice, let’s look at three fundamental qualities to keep in mind when naming your practice.


The best way to make sure the name of your dental practice is memorable is to keep it on the short side.


Your name should not only be relevant but positive too. Some dentist visits are unpleasant, but we don’t want to remind patients of this when naming our practice.

You will also want to avoid words that can get taken out of context, such as ‘contagious smile.’

While we know a contagious smile means a smile that causes others to smile when we see it, ‘contagious’ by itself is not a very positive word, especially when in a medical setting!

You should also make sure your name is clear. After all, you don’t want people to be unsure about what your business actually is!

Remember Location

It doesn’t hurt to include the name of your city or county in the name of your dental practice. In terms of SEO marketing, including keywords that make you more identifiable is very beneficial.

You have a few options when it comes to naming your dental practice, and you should take into account your location, your services, and your goals to choose the best name possible that describes your business.

However, a one-size-fits-all approach to naming your dental practice doesn’t exist, as everyone’s business is different.

Still, below you’ll find examples and ideas that will fit most dental practices.

Ideas For Dental Practice Names

While naming your dental practice isn’t an easy task, luckily, there are many directions you can go in and many phrases and words you can have some fun with when deciding on a name.

A lot of dentists like to incorporate their surname into the name of the practice, and while this isn’t an incorrect approach, this may make establishing your brand more complicated and long-winded.

A brainstorming session is a great way to explore ideas for your dental practice, and below, we have some examples to help you get started.

  • Kind To Teeth Dental
  • Luxury Dental
  • Smile Spa Dental
  • Dazzling Dental Practice
  • Smile Care Dental
  • Family Dental Solutions
  • Bright Smile Dental
  • Kool Kids Dentistry

You may have noticed that some names are suited to certain specialities.

For example, Luxury Dental and Smile Spa Dental would be great names for a dental practice that provides cosmetic and standard dental services.

Meanwhile, Family Dental and Kool Kids Dentistry suggest dental services suitable for families with children.

Let’s look at the different routes you can go down when naming your dental clinic.

Catchy, Creative, And Clever Names

When we talk about a catchy name for your dental practice, we mean a name that almost has a jingle feel to it. Something you can easily remember despite how long ago you heard it.

Alliteration is a great way to ensure a name is catchy and memorable.

This is when two words that start with the same letter are combined. For example, Dazzling Dentistry and Smile Spa Dental.

These are not only catchy, easy-to-remember names, but they help paint a picture of what your dental practice is like or what you would like it to be.

The above examples paint the picture of a dental practice that will help maintain your teeth healthy so you can show off a dazzling smile with confidence.

This is particularly true if you offer teeth whitening services.

Getting creative with your dental practice name can be a lot of fun. For example, Kool Kids Dentistry is a great creative name if you run a family-oriented dental practice.

Let’s face it, children can become quite wary and anxious at the dentist, and so a fun name like this is just one component that can take the fear out of going to the dentist.

While many dental practices – and some of the examples mentioned above – feature ‘smile’ or ‘teeth’ in their names, you can be a bit more subtle with your name.

You can do this by using more subtle language that brings teeth to mind.

This could be useful, particularly if you envision your practice being more upmarket or sophisticated. Using words like diamond, ivory, or pearl paints a clear picture.

A way to add some cleverness to your dental practice name is by employing a play on words.

For example, the suffix ‘ology’ means ‘knowledge’, and by calling your practice something like ‘Smileology’ or ‘Toothology’, this subconsciously tells your patient that you know what you’re doing and they can trust you.

You can also cleverly play around with the spellings of words, especially if you want to stand out amongst other local practices.

Still, don’t play around with words so much that they become nonsense! That’s definitely not good for SEO marketing.

Dental Practice Names For Children

Many dental practices cater specifically for children. The main thing to remember when naming a dental practice for children is that it conveys safety and reassurance.

Choosing The Best Name For Your Dental Practice (1)

An example like ‘Family Dental Solutions’ is a good start, as is ‘Kind To Teeth Dental.’ The latter in particular, lets families know that you are running a caring and gentle practice.

Another fun spin you can take with dental practice names for children is by incorporating folklore and children’s traditions. Namely, the tooth fairy!

Calling your dental practice something like ‘Tooth Fairy Dental’ adds some fun to the proceedings, and it makes branding so much easier, as you can centre it around this iconic character.

Orthodontic Names

If you specialize in orthodontics, your name must reflect this area of expertise.

Using the suffix ‘ology’ also comes in handy here. For example, ‘Braceology’ lets patients know what you’re about and that you have expertise in this area.

Incorporating words like ‘grin’ or ‘smile’ is also great, as it again lets clients know what you’re about as well as implying that they’re sure to be happy with your services.

Dental practice names for children and orthodontic names go hand in hand, as children are more likely to get braces than adults.

So it may be a good idea to combine our examples for children with our examples for orthodontic names to get the best result.

Teeth Whitening Clinics

The demand for teeth whitening has only grown recently as technology improves and social media has created an even bigger appetite for cosmetic procedures.

So if your business focuses on teeth whitening, then flaunt it! Good examples include synonyms for ‘bright’ such as ‘Dazzling Dental Solutions,’ ‘Luminous Dental’ and ‘Shining Smile Spa.’

The latter is particularly effective, as it employs positive synonyms for ‘bright’ with alliteration and also luxury, which is what the word ‘spa’ brings to mind!

Things To Keep In Mind When Naming Your Dental Practice

While naming your dental practice is important, try not to overthink them or let the process weigh you down.

If you find yourself paralyzed by choice and don’t know how to decide on the names you’ve brainstormed, keep the following in mind:

Is The Name You’ve Chosen Legal?

This might sound scary, but what we mean by this is – are you choosing a name that another dental practice has already trademarked? There are a few ways you can check this.

If you’re setting up an LLC or a corporation, you can check your state’s business database. This information can normally be found on state.gov.

If you are an incorporated business and intend to run your business under a fictional business name, or if you’re in business as a sole proprietor, you will have to check the Doing Business As (DBA) listings in the county.

The recorder officer in your county is a great place to start, as they will often have databases you can easily search.

Another port of call will be the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, which also has a database where you can search for business names.

It’s also important to bear in mind not all dental clinics trademark their names.

As a simple precaution, you can also Google your desired name.

This is simple but very important, as you will need to know what results are going to appear when you search for your chosen name and know what your competition is.

Remember, neglecting to do research before it’s too late can be costly. Not just in legal fees but in time when you could be focusing on branding.

You can’t do that when the branding process is delayed because you inadvertently picked a name that a trademarked dental practice has already chosen.

Consider Your Branding

In the marketing arena, including your name in the name of your dental practice is known as ‘personal branding.’ A lot of dentists will include their full name, with ‘DMD’ or ‘DDS’ at the end, depending on their qualifications.

This is an easy approach when it comes to legality, as it’s highly unlikely a dentist in your area is going to have a practice named after themselves that shares your name.

However, there is a downside to using your qualification in your dental practice name.

While ‘DDS’ is a qualification understood by many to mean someone is qualified in dentistry, ‘DMD’ can sometimes be confusing and may suggest that you’re qualified as a general physician rather than a dentist or orthodontist.

While you don’t have to worry about legality when simply naming your dental practice after yourself, you do have to worry about, well, marketability and if it’s going to be a name people remember.

There are other benefits besides legality to naming your dental practice after yourself, however.

For example, if you’re following in the long line of dentists who practised in your hometown, then you can market the reliability, authority, and trust that your name carries.

But if you don’t have a well-known name, then the advantages of using your name are limited and you’ll be better off using a catchy or creative name.

Also, it’s worth considering the possibility that you might sell your practice one day or bring on a business partner. Having a dental practice named after yourself is no longer suitable.

It’s important to think long-term and consider a name that is evergreen.

Consider Your Services And Specialties

You should also consider incorporating your speciality in your dental practice name, as this can set you apart from your competition.

Whether you specialize in paediatric services, cosmetic dental procedures, endodontics, or emergency procedures, capitalizing on your specialities and the services you provide in your dental practice name is a smart move.

Best Name For Your Dental Practice

You can combine this with alliteration, clever naming conventions, humour, as well as details like the location of your practice.

The main benefit of incorporating specialities in your practice name is that it clarifies perfectly to your patients what you’re about.

For example, if someone needs a paediatric procedure and researches dental practices that can help them with this, if they notice your dental practice name mentions podiatry explicitly, they are more likely to go for you over your competitors.

Consider Your Location

We’ve talked previously about the benefits of including the name of your location in your practice name, so let’s explore that further.

Searches on Google tend to automatically bring up local results. Even if you don’t search for a dentist that doesn’t include a keyword such as a city, you will still get local results because of how the algorithm works.

So using keywords based on location as well as dentistry is a good idea and can help to bump your practice to the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Optimizing locational keywords is also important if you would like your office to be included in Google’s Local Service ads that occur at the top of the SERP and highlight reviews on Google.

Businesses that appear there are more likely to get attention than businesses that don’t. However, to qualify for this you will need to get verified by Google, so you have to consider more than just local SEO.

As well as SEO, another reason to use location-based keywords in your practice name is to take advantage of any landmarks near your practice.

This doesn’t just make your practice easier to find but allows you to engage in charitable community causes if you’re aligned with a local landmark or park.

If you don’t intend to expand your brand to more offices or have any immediate plans to move then this can be a great idea.

Consider Your Target Audience

One of the most fundamental aspects of marketing and creating an effective brand is knowing your target audience.

This may sound strange, but dental practices are not one-size-fits-all. For example, a practice which deals mainly with pediatric procedures is not going to be a good fit for somebody who simply wants a cosmetic procedure done.

Meanwhile, if you’re running a high-end dental practice then this is not going to appeal to middle or working-class patients.

To avoid confusion and to make sure you’re appealing to the audience you want, it’s important to pick a name that speaks loud and clear to your target audience.

You can do this not just by picking an effective name, but also by considering your logo and the colours of your branding to make clear who you’re targeting and what your speciality is.

The main thing to take away is that by putting your audience at the forefront of your decision-making, you can create an effective name and brand.

Another beneficial way to approach your marketing strategy is to emphasize what you do best, and how your patients will feel choosing to come to your practice.

This is why using the word ‘smile’ in your dental practice name is so effective, because it implies that your patients will be happy with their choice of practice, as well as the word being linked to dentistry and also implying that your patients’ smile will be improved when they’re under your care.

This also works with words like ‘happy,’ and ‘kind.’ The word ‘happy’ has the same implications as ‘smile,’ as it promises your patients that they will not only be happy with their treatment but also that they will have reliably positive experiences at your practice.

Meanwhile, ‘kind’ is a reassuring word, subconsciously promising patients who may be wary and anxious about going to the dentist that they’re in safe hands.

Grab The Attention Of Your Patients

An approach that is becoming increasingly popular is to choose a name which acts like a commercial jingle, and this can be particularly successful if you can come up with something catchy and original.

If your patients are happy with your work, they will want to tell their friends and family about your practice and refer them to you.

Therefore, it’s important that you choose a name that can be easily remembered by your patients and prospective patients, and alliteration, rhyming, and also wordplay can help with this.

A good example of wordplay is double meanings, such as something like ‘The Whole Tooth.’

This is a play on the well-known oath taken in court, switching out ‘truth’ for ‘tooth,’ and creating a catchy name that people are certain to remember.

Why settle for a plain old name for your dental office when you can come up with a name that is unique and special?

Having some fun and being creative with your dental practice name is a surefire way to make sure you stand out.

An unexpected benefit to going creative with your dental practice name is that it is flexible and grows as your practice does.

You may just be beginning with a single dentist, but if your name is on the creative side, you can allow for a growing workforce and even more offices in the future without the need to change your name or rebrand (more on that later).

Other Factors To Consider

We’ve covered many factors to consider when naming your dental practice but what else is there to consider?

You should also ask yourself questions like, is the name of your practice meaningful?

Does it get across the message you want? Is it concise and clear enough to stand out to someone doing a quick Google search? Does your name provoke feelings of warmth, or is it too clinical?

A lot of people are anxious about a visit to the dentist and are quite frightened by the thought of a lot of dental procedures, so it’s important to avoid sounding removed and clinical.

Therefore, it’s important to make a good first impression and the name of your practice is the start of that. This has a knock-on effect when your patients recommend your practice to their friends or family.

If you would like to create a website for your dental practice – and you definitely should – you should also check if the domain name is available. Search your desired domain name to check if it’s already registered.

We understand this can be difficult and frustrating. After all, you may find that your domain name is already taken and if your name is a good one, it is likely to be taken.

Still, it’s important to select a name that lets you register the best domain name possible for your website.

It’s crucial to have a single identity, whether online or offline. Also, a ‘.com’ domain is preferable to alternative domains as most sites use ‘.com’ as a default and this is what people normally associate domain names with being.

You should also consider your logo, as your brand extends beyond its name. Still, your logo and practice name need to work together.

You should look to the logos of successful brands for inspiration that you can recognize just from their logos alone.

Clearly, they’re doing something right! Choosing a memorable name is a crucial first step, as a memorable name leads to a memorable logo which will ultimately lead to a memorable brand!

You may also need a tagline if the name of your practice doesn’t quite encapsulate entirely what it is you do. So if you have a name like ‘Jones Dental’ then a tagline will clarify what you do and specialize in.

You can also use a tagline to emphasize any edge over the competition, such as state-of-the-art technology at your practice.

As well as being simple to remember, your practice name should also be easy to pronounce. For example, what are the names that come to mind when you think of high-quality branding?

You may think of something like Walmart. This name is short, easy to remember, and simple to say. It’s important to consider what impression the name of your dental practice leaves on your patient.

Your practice name should also give patients a clear picture of what you do. After all, you don’t want to leave your patients guessing as to what you’re about!

If you have a mission statement, then incorporate that into your name. It can be a useful source of inspiration!

However, if you don’t have a statement, we recommend creating one as it just makes good business sense, builds branding, and inspires a good dental practice name.

To further solidify your identity, display your mission statement in your waiting room.

If you’re looking to appeal to families, adding ‘family’ in your practice name is a good strategy. Catering mainly to families is a simple way to build a business.

After all, families grow, which means that as a family has more children, it gives you more patients!

It also makes the lives of families easier, knowing they can rely on one provider for their dental care, and they are more likely to be long-standing patients.

Doing some research into the demographics of your area can also enhance your business and attract patients, and the same can also be said for researching your local competition.

Check out a Google map to find other dentists in your community to see if they’re doing a similar thing, and think of ways you can set yourself apart from the competition by making changes to your branding.

You don’t have to make any massive changes, but setting yourself apart even a little bit from your competition will be beneficial in the long run.

Keeping your name short is a great way to make sure it’s memorable, and you’ll want to infuse as much meaning as possible into only a few words.

Any name longer than 3 or 4 words is a bit too long, and it might be worth abbreviating it.

Again, this is where taglines come in handy as this gives you more space to expand on your specialities.

Signs are important to consider too. You need to make sure your name and logo stand out on the street, as well as on your website, business card, and brochures.

Rebranding Your Dental Practice: What To Avoid

We’ve previously discussed the reasons why you’re thinking of a name for your dental practice, and one of them will be that you’re rebranding your existing dental practice or rebranding a dental practice you’ve recently taken on.

We’ve also discussed branding a lot, and it gets a lot of attention in the discussion of marketing strategies, but not so much rebranding.

While every business can do with a little revamp once in a while, rebranding your dental practice is a decision not to be taken lightly.

Rebranding involves taking a holistic approach to your business and taking a close look at how your practice looks to patients and prospective patients.

Fully rebranding includes changing your logo, signage, your colour scheme, business cards, letterheads, and even your practice name.

It also involves digital rebranding such as new websites, biographies, email designs, cover photos, and profile pictures. It’s a lot of work that you need to think about carefully.

There is also a big potential for pitfalls and roadblocks when you decide to rebrand. Let’s take a look at what they are – and scenarios where rebranding isn’t a good idea – so you can avoid them.

Having No Good Reason For Changing Your Practice Name

Rebranding often involves changing the name of your practice, but you should only do this if strictly necessary.

If you’re joining forces with another practice or have experienced some bad publicity then these are good reasons to change your practice name.

However, you should bear in mind that changing the name of your practice without good reason means sacrificing all your name recognition.

While it is often the case that rebranding involves a name change, it can also just involve changing your branding and keeping your name.

Changing Your Name To Seem More Interesting

Good branding comes down to a few simple factors: It is easily understandable, and it effectively delivers your core values.

Rebranding can sometimes fail because businesses forfeit this simplicity to appear more ‘interesting.’

It’s important not to fall into this trap and focus on how your patients will perceive your rebranding. You’ll have a lot more success keeping things clean and simple.

Rebranding That Has Poor Planning

Rebranding is a huge task, and it’s hard to accurately predict how long of a process it will be.

However, you can make the process easier and more successful by laying out a concrete plan and timeline for each part of the rebranding.

Without a plan or timeline, your motives and messaging can become unclear and off-putting to your patients.

Rebranding Without A Brand Style Guide

Effectively rebranding your business involves staying consistent. If you overlook the details, then your brand will be unrecognizable to prospective patients and existing patients.

This means that when designing your website, social media posts, marketing materials, and even your practice, the design must align with the colours, iconography, and typography you choose.

Therefore, having a brand style guide that can help you stay consistent will make your rebranding more successful.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has shown you just how important choosing the right name for your dental practice is. It can help you set yourself apart from your competition, gain new patients, and create a memorable brand.

Names are powerful and influential, and therefore, choosing a name for your dental practice involves thoughtful and careful planning. It’s the basis of your marketing strategy and ensures name recognition in your community.

But what happens once you’ve chosen your name? Well, that’s the easy part – you just continue marketing, find new patients, and boost your profits!