11 Ways To Market Your Small-Town Dental Practice

11 Ways To Market Your Small Town Dental Practice

Dental practices provide a vital form of healthcare everyone needs at some point in life.

As a result, there need to be dental practices in all towns and cities but trying to attract new patients can be a lot harder if your practice is based in a small town. 

11 Ways To Market Your Small Town Dental Practice

As a result, most dental practices try to locate themselves in busy, bustling areas but face much competition there.

In small towns, you have a whole untapped market and with a bit of savvy advertising and marketing, you can boost your business wherever you are. 

So, here are 11 amazing ways to market your dental practice in a small town. This way, you can keep your business growing no matter what comes next!

Why Marketing Is Important To Dental Practices

Marketing is vital to running a business, yet so many private dental practices overlook it.

Many dental practices in small towns make the mistake of either assuming that they can rely on word of mouth to attract more patients or struggling to think of effective strategies that can work for smaller areas. 

But without marketing, how will patients even know your practice is there?

This proves how important marketing is and why your dental practice needs to take it seriously no matter what sized town or city you are in. 

Marketing also helps your dental practice overcome future threats to your business, such as new competitors. It also helps you grow and expand your dental practice, which can be super useful if the town is also growing in size parallel to the growth of your business.

As a result, your marketing strategies should be able to adapt to new challenges to keep new patients rolling in through the door. 

So what marketing strategies work great for dental practices in small towns? Check out the below marketing plans to see which ones work best for you! 

11 Marketing Plans For Small-Town Dental Practices

Now that you understand just how important marketing is, here are 11 amazing ways to market your dental practice in a small town.

Depending on your market and target audience, some strategies will work better than others, so browse the strategies below and consider if they could be the right ones for you and your target audience! 

Build Up Your Online Presence

Boosting your visibility is usually the first step a dental practice needs to take when setting up in a new location.

In a small town, people may already be talking once they see the work being done to your practice, but if not, one of the best ways to boost your visibility is to set up your online presence. 

Setting up a website for your dental practice is a must-do for all businesses. It allows potential new patients to easily find vital information about your practice and acts as a base for updates and news.

You can also use local keywords to optimize your search engine results, which will help place your practice’s website at the top of search results whenever someone in your area is looking for a type of dental treatment. 

This is why an online presence is so important, as most people take to the internet to find a local dental practice, and if your name isn’t there, your competitors will be! 

So, set up a website for your practice and start looking into signing up for local online directories.

Encouraging any patients, you have to leave reviews online will also help generate discussion and help search engines like Google view your practice as a legit business.

Then, you can set up a Google Ad for yourself and use search engine optimization to reach as many people as possible through the power of the internet! 

Set Up A Blog For Your Dental Practice

Blogs are extremely popular these days as they can be enjoyed anytime (or at night) and provide useful and interesting information.

They also range in topics from the extremely niche to massive topics that affect our daily lives, so making a blog for your dental practice makes perfect sense. 

If you have already set up a website for your dental practice, it’s super easy to add another page where you can post about your dental field and industry expertise.

Content can range from oral health to tips about the industry, treatment feedback reviews, breakdowns of treatment processes, and more, and this will help prove to your small-town community that you know your stuff when it comes to dentistry! 

This allows potential new patients to see how invested you are in your work and your vast knowledge.

This can help them feel safe in your hands and even spread any interesting information they have learned through your blog to others. When asked, “Where did you find that out?” Your patients can reply – “At this blog!” 

A blog will help make you an authoritative name in the community and helps to create a relationship built on trust with your patients, both of which are needed for an excellent marketing strategy to be successful! 

Another great thing about running a blog is that it doesn’t have to take up so much of your time. A post can be written in your spare time for fun, and you don’t have to post every day.

While you should start strong with a couple of articles and posts, you can soon find an uploading strategy that works for you!

Plus, it’s free! If you already have a website built, then adding a blog page is easy. If you don’t, plenty of free blogging websites like WordPress or Wix allow you to build blogs and websites for free! 

So, give this strategy a try if you want to ensure your patients that you know your stuff and that they can expect high-quality and effective treatment when visiting your dental practice. 

Volunteer To Write For The Local Newspaper 

This strategy works the same way as a blog but helps you piggyback on the established reader base of another authority. 

Most small towns will already have an established local newspaper where a small team will write articles and look for news to report.

As a result, this newspaper will already be read by many of your potential new patients, and they will have already placed their trust in the paper itself. 

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If you approach this local newspaper and volunteer to write articles or perhaps even a column devoted to dental care and oral hygiene, they may jump at the chance to use you to fill up some space.

They may even offer you an advertisement space where you can place an ad for your dental practice. 

If you don’t feel like writing yourself, then offer yourself as a voice of authority and a reliable source they can quote and ask questions when running any dentistry articles.

Articles like this are informative and often go down well with readers. 

But the main goal of this marketing strategy is to get your name out there and become a familiar face in the local community.

Those who read the local newspaper will soon begin to trust you as a voice of authority on dentistry, thus making it more likely for them to sign up for your practice because they are already familiar with your expertise. 

Whether you want to write articles yourself or offer your expertise to real journalists, this strategy can help you increase your visibility in the local community and boost your reputation.

Get Involved In Local Events

Small towns usually have their events and festivals for certain holidays or celebrations, which is a great place to visit and boost your dental practice’s visibility. 

Things like fairs and charity events allow you to set up a stall for your practice, offering brochures and advice about dental health to get your practice’s name out there.

Selling baked treats and cakes (perhaps sugar-free, as you’re representing a dental practice) will entice people to your stall, where you can discuss your practice with them. 

However, getting involved in such public events is not really about having the opportunity to discuss your practice.

This strategy focuses more on turning your face and brand into a familiar name.

The more people see you and your logo outside of the practice itself and in relaxed, fun situations, the more your reputation will grow as a neighbour. 

Soon, you will be seen as part of the community rather than just another service provider. 

This kind of reputation will help your brand and encourage more people to visit your practice because they have heard good things about you or gotten to know you. 

Set Up Social Media Accounts For Your Practice 

Another way to get your business and name out there in a less restrictive environment is through social media. 

Using social media has a ton of benefits. For example, most of your patients will have some social media account, allowing you to interact with them more personally.

Communicating with your patients in practice means you have much power in that relationship and interactions as the dental expert. Still, on social media, you are on the same level as your patient, even though it’s important to remain professional. 

Also, patients are more likely to share and spread your posts on social media than on a blog because it’s easier to do so, meaning that you can reach new patients by encouraging your followers to share your content! 

So, social media is a way for you to interact with patients and help build a closer, friendlier relationship which impacts your reputation and brand.

It allows patients to stay up to date with news while scrolling through their social media feeds, and you can also use it like a blog, making posts containing fun content with information and reviews. 

Social media websites also use algorithms and locations to recommend pages most relevant to their users, so potential local patients will be recommended simply because you are close. So it’s always worth setting up social media accounts for your practice! 

Use Posters, Pamphlets And Business Cards

This marketing strategy is old-fashioned but still relevant and effective even today! This is because it’s affordable and easy to spread posters, pamphlets and more around your small town. 

You can leave your business cards in other health clinics, local libraries, schools, and more. This makes it easy for potential patients in your community to find information about your dental practice.

Sponsor Your Local Sports Team

Another super easy strategy you can try is sponsoring your local sports team. 

Sports are huge in the states, and every town, school, and the city will have their team for various sports. So, it should be easy to find a local team and offer them sponsorship in return for promotion. 

Not only does it get your practice out there, but it also shows your future patients that you are invested in the community and want to see it thrive and flourish like everybody else.

This is great for your brand and reputation and thus makes it more likely for people to sign up for your dental practice.

Visit Schools To Teach About Oral Health 

Show that you care about your community by visiting local schools to educate kids about dental health and oral hygiene.

Both schools and parents will appreciate your efforts and take this as a sign that you genuinely care about everybody’s well-being, not just your patients. 

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You can visit your local schools and talk to students of all ages, even hand out free toothbrushes and toothpaste (perhaps ones with your practice’s logo on?). This will help build a brand image of your practice being caring, generous, and invested in the community’s future!  

Join Your Town’s Chamber of Commerce

If your small turn has a chamber of commerce, you should consider signing up as a member. 

Chambers of commerce are associations of businesses from different industries and trades.

They work together as a spokesperson for the community of businesses in an area, helping to support the local economy and ensure that all businesses are flourishing while benefiting the town overall.    

Joining your town’s chamber of commerce will benefit your business in many ways.

Firstly, it helps build your reputation and proves to the community that you care about the town’s well-being, and it allows you to network with other businesses and cross-promote your practice.

This can split the cost of marketing for a cheaper way to market your dental practice. 

Create A Patient Referral System 

This marketing method effectively boosts the number of patients signing up for your practice, as it offers those who recommend your practice a way to get discounts or free merchandise. 

Referral systems are great; they benefit not only you but your patients.

By offering them discounted or free services in return for successful recommendations that have resulted in a new patient signing up for your practice. It’s a win-win for both parties! 

Invest In Your Community Yourself

One of the best ways to build a great reputation for your practice is to build a great reputation for yourself.

This is because people will always recognize you and associate you with your practice in such a small town; everyone knows each other, so keep your image squeaky clean and do your best to help others. 

Shop local, send your kids to the local school, attend local festivals and events, sign up for local clubs, and more.

Eventually, people will begin associating your amiable qualities with your business and signing up for your practice due to your stellar reputation. 

This also extends to your staff. Please encourage them to be friendly and welcoming and do their best to be a part of their community.

You can’t force them, but it won’t do your practice any good to hire individuals with bad local reputations. Image matters! 

Final Thoughts

So, those are some great ways to market your dental practice in a small town. Check them out, pick the best strategies for you, and your patient list will grow and grow before you know it.