5 Ways To Generate New Patients For Your Dental Practice’s Website

5 Ways To Generate New Patients For Your Dental Practice’s Website

Are you struggling to generate new patients for your dental practice and you’re at your wit’s end trying to work out how you can improve that? 

5 Ways To Generate New Patients For Your Dental Practice’s Website

Well, one thing you should take a look at is your website.

This is going to be the first place any potential patients are going to look and if your website isn’t using specific tricks and methods, then you’re less likely to generate new patients. 

But don’t panic! We have put together a list of 5 ways you can generate new patients by adding certain features to your website.

From mobile optimization to chat services, let’s look at how you can improve your situation! 

1. Optimize Your Website For Mobile 

One of the first things you should do, if you haven’t already make sure that your website is completely optimized for mobile use and viewing. 

Most people in this day and age are more likely to view your website from their smartphones rather than a computer, so you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. 

There is nothing worse than going on to a website on your phone and you can’t read or see anything properly because it’s not optimized for mobile devices. 

There are plenty of websites out there that will optimize your website for mobile; one of the most popular is Wix. It allows you to preview your mobile site and then edit it in real-time to fit your brand and needs. 

When your website is optimized for mobile viewing, potential patients are more likely to stay on the website for longer.

Also, if the website is completely mobile-friendly, they can book appointments or contact you with complete ease. 

You want to ensure that your website’s navigation is 100% easy for your patients. The easier you make it to view and navigate, the less likely people will disengage with it. 

2. Call To Action

Another great thing you can use on your website to generate new patients is a Call To Action… but what exactly does that mean? 

Put, a Call To Action (CTA) is instructions or questions that are catered to provoke a response from anyone who visits the website.

You also want your Call To Action to provoke an immediate response, so you need to be creative about what it is. 

Some popular examples of Call To Action include: 

  • “Find Out More”
  • “Download Now”
  • “Subscribe Here”
  • “Get Started”
  • “Learn More”

You want to ensure that whatever Call To Action buttons are fully catered to and on topic with your dental practice.

If you have any Call To Action buttons that don’t make sense with your overall brand, it can negatively impact your brand. 

When it comes to creating your own Call To Action posts and buttons, really sit down and think about how you can integrate them into your website in a seamless way.

Maybe you have a page on your website that is all about something to do with dental hygiene. If you include a small preview on your homepage, you can add a “Learn More” Call To Action button. 

If you have a newsletter, you can advertise it on your homepage and then add a “Subscribe Now” button. Again, it’s all about ease of access and you want to attract potential patients with these call-to-action buttons. 

Call To Action buttons and features should always be to the point, eye-catching, and on brand. Do not let it be an afterthought or something you throw onto your website.

Make it seamless and on brand and when you do, it can drastically improve the likelihood of new patients coming on board. 

3. Online Appointment Scheduler

If you don’t already have an online appointment scheduler on your website, this is a sign that you need one! 

Online appointment schedulers are an absolute must for any doctor or dental practice because they are incredibly convenient.

There’s nothing worse for a patient than having to spend hours on the phone trying to get through to their practice. It’s stressful, annoying, and can even cause patients to switch practices if yours isn’t very responsive. 

Online appointment schedulers take away the headache of trying to be reached by phone. It allows your patients to choose the date and time for their appointments; then, all you need to do is approve it. 

If you want to go further, you can use online appointment schedulers that do all the work. If you get one that only shows available dates to your patients, they can pick the date and time without you having to review anything.

It is incredibly convenient and if you’re one of the only dental practices in the area that offers it, you will 100% generate new patients. 

Work smarter, not harder! 

4. Chat Service

Online appointment schedulers are incredibly convenient, but so are instant chat services!

Just like how it can be stressful trying to book appointments via the telephone, it can also be stressful for patients to get hold of their practice when they just have a simple question that needs answering. 

Avoid this issue altogether by integrating an instant messaging service on your website.

The beauty of these chat services is that they can stay on in the background while your patients browse your site, so if a particular question takes a bit longer to answer, they don’t have to wait around. 

You can include chatbots in your chat services for the really simple questions, but always make sure you have at least one or two real people on standby so they can answer the more complex questions.

If you do use a chatbot, make sure that it gives the option to talk to a real person when the patient needs it. 

Some dental practices don’t offer these chat services on their websites, so if you do integrate this service onto yours, you will stand out from the competition.

People love the ease of access and instant help, and these chat services eliminate the need to ring the practice. 

5. Local Search Engine Optimization

If you have not worked on your Local Search Engine Optimization for your website yet, then it is in your best interest to do so. 

Local Search Engine Optimization is quite similar to standard SEO, but instead, it targets local searches. Whenever patients are looking for a dental practice, they will go to google and type in queries like “dentists near me” or “dentists in San Francisco”.

Both of these queries are examples of Local SEO. 

You can test your Local Search Engine Optimization by going to google and typing in one of these queries. Where on the search results does your dental practice come up?

Your Local Search Engine Optimization is extremely good if it’s high on the first page. If it is lower down or not even on the first page, your Local SEO needs some work. 

The better your Local Search Ranking position, the more clicks and views your website will have. The main way to get new patients will always be exposed to your dental practice, so you must optimise your Local SEO. 


Now that you know about these five features and tricks that will help your website, you should have no issues generating new patients. 

Though these methods are not overnight fixes, they will drastically improve your chances of gaining new followers faster than if you had not implemented them. 

Each of these methods is gospel when it comes to optimizing websites. Regardless of your business type, each of these methods has been tried and tested and they 100% work!