5 Ways Dentists Can Use YouTube To Get More Patients

5 Ways Dentists Can Use YouTube To Get More Patients

When you’re running a dental practice, it can be quite daunting to work out how you can utilize social media to get more patients.

It can be even more daunting working out what the best marketing strategies are.

5 Ways Dentists Can Use YouTube To Get More Patients

One way that most dentists might not consider is actually YouTube.

You might be thinking that YouTube won’t be very effective, but you’d be surprised to learn that when it’s used in the right way, it can actually be extremely beneficial to your practice.

We’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can use YouTube to get more patients for your dental practice, so let’s have a look!

Make Q&A And “Explainer Videos”

One of the best ways you can make content that will invite patients in is to make videos that follow the Q&A methods.

Q&As are great because they show your patients that you are actively seeking out their questions and you’re enthusiastic to answer them. People love to be seen and heard!

Explainer videos are pretty much exactly the same as Q&A videos. They offer informative answers to questions your patients may have and supply them with all the accurate information they will need.

Even for dentists, there are honestly thousands of topics you can talk about on both of these video types.

If you want to get better exposure on your YouTube Channel, do some research to see what dental topics people are most interested in and ask your patients directly what they’d like to hear about.

Make Videos Based On Trending Dental Topics

This method sort of ties in with the last method. Trends are going to be your best friend if you’re considering getting serious on social media.

If you keep up with trends, it will show your patients and followers that you are up to date on what’s going on and that your dental practice itself is “trendy” and “cool”.

You’re more likely to generate more views if you make videos based on trending topics too.

Utilizing the right trends and keywords will mean you’ll get more traffic on your videos, and this means more views, more likes, and more engagement.

The better engagement your videos have, the better exposure you will have. Your videos will end up on the radars of people who never would have seen your videos had they not had a good engagement in the first place.

Ask Your Patients To Share Your Videos

This method involves using your other social media accounts. Always post a link to your Facebook page whenever you have a new video on your YouTube Channel.

Include a very brief description of the video, include a call to action, and don’t forget to ask your patients to share the video!

You can also ask your patients to share your YouTube videos in the actual videos themselves. Wait until the end of the video and include a line like “if you enjoyed this video, please consider sharing it with your friends!”.

This works more times than you might think, and if your patients do share your videos, this will mean more people will see your videos and you have an increased chance of accumulating new patients to your practice.

Share Patient Testimonial Videos

5Ways Dentists Can Use YouTube To Get More Patients

Another video type that will help you gain new patients is testimonial-style videos.

This option will involve you getting your existing patients’ consent, and you will have to make sure you have a room within your practice to film the videos, but if it all goes off without a hitch, it will help your patient’s growth dramatically.

People like to hear from other people who are on their level. It’s all fine and good to hear from the actual professionals, but people will trust already existing patients a bit more.

If you film your patients saying positive things about your practice and then upload the videos onto YouTube, it will invite people to join your practice.

These testimonial videos will be what potential new patients are looking for when they want to see how reliable and reasonable your practice is.

In a way, these testimonial videos work a lot of how standard online reviews do.

Potential new clients always read the reviews before they commit to a business, so if you have recorded proof that your practice has a good reputation among your patients, this will definitely invite newer patients in.

Show Off Your Practice In Office Tour Videos

Office Tours videos are another option you can use that is a bit more fun than some of the other methods on this list. By giving potential patients the option to see what your practice looks like before they commit to it.

As a patient, going to a new and unfamiliar dental practice can be a bit intimidating, and lots of people are already pretty scared of the dentists as it is.

Office tours let them see the establishment and even “meet” some of the staff. When people are more familiar and comfortable with your practice, they are more likely to go there for themselves.

In a lot of ways, Office Tour Videos offer a level of trust and form the building blocks of the potential relationship between staff and patients.

It becomes more personal when they know what they are getting into!


YouTube can be an incredibly powerful tool for your dental practice, especially when you know what you’re doing!

From Q&As to office tours, there are loads of ways to cater your content to new and existing patients, and you can amplify your reach when you keep up with recent trends.

Try out some of these methods today and see how much it helps your practice gain new business.

These methods aren’t overnight fixes, so be patient and committed when implementing them. Once you have a strategy, the sky will be the limit!