Unique Selling Propositions: Do Dentists Need One?

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When setting up your dental practice, you will soon realize that there’s a lot of competition.

To make your practice the best, you need to market it as unique to stand out against the competition and gain the most patients. 

However, there are many ways you can do this – but how? 

Here we will be discussing one of the best methods in marketing to help make your business stand out from the competition – a unique selling proposition!

Check out the information below and see if you can apply it to your own dental practice! 

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition?

First up, let’s talk about what a unique selling proposition is.

A unique selling proposition is often shortened to USP and is a popular marketing strategy that pretty much all businesses try to use if they can. 

A unique selling proposition is something unique to your business. It makes your business special and worth your customer’s money and time more than others.

For dental practices, it is a reason why patients should choose your practice over others. 

So – what makes your dental practice so special?

You know what your USP means that you can push it in your marketing campaigns to make patients aware of the services and benefits you have over your competitors.

Using this method can have a serious impact on the success of your dental practice, which is why so many businesses, in general, use this technique! 

Having a USP is super important, and in the competitive industry of dental practices, it can mean the difference between one more or less patient.

So, every dental practice should try to develop its USP, so they have something to push in its marketing campaigns to try and get one up over its competitors. 

But how can a dental practice develop and market its unique selling proposition? 

How To Develop Your Dental Practice’s USP

A USP is vital for dental practices to help them stay competitive and successful, but what unique selling propositions can a dental practice develop? 

If you want to think of some unique selling propositions your practice can develop and sell in your marketing campaigns, then here are some things you need to consider.

Think about these four areas, and you will soon be able to think of a great unique selling proposition for your dental practice that you can use: 

Think About Your Audience

One of the first things you need to consider before setting up any marketing campaign is what audience you are aiming to target.

Many dental practices aim for families (specifically children or their parents who book their appointments) partially because kids and teenagers suffer many dental problems as their bodies grow and develop.

So, dental practices tend to aim for those who most likely will need their services. 

But you don’t have to take that angle. Perhaps you have something unique about your business that makes it more suitable for those with disabilities who need more space to access your services easily. 

However, it would help if you still aimed for an audience that will easily sustain your dental practice. Aiming for a niche audience is fine, but if there are not enough patients to sustain your practice, you will have to broaden your net. 

Think About Your Brand

Your unique selling proposition could come from your brand. 

Every practice should aim to set up a brand that boosts its reputation and helps make other patients feel that your practice is the best one to be trusted in the area.

There are many ways you can do this, and images you can push through the decor of your practice, your social media posts, advertising, staff language and behaviour and more. 

So, why not try to market a personal feature of your brand as your unique selling proposition? 

Think about your practice’s codes, passions, and personality to help create a persona that is unique from other competitors. You could push that you put patient safety first, data protection, or helping local communities by playing an important role in your area. 

Think About Your Expertise

One easy unique selling proposition you can use is if your practice offers a rare or specialized form of treatment or service. 

Lots of different dental practices will offer certain kinds of services and dental treatments.

For example, some practices focus more on cosmetic treatments such as whitening and realignments, while others focus on serious surgeries to fix certain issues.

Perhaps your dental practice is more of an orthodontist or has staff specialising in paediatric dentistry. 

Think about what services you offer that your competitors don’t, and run with it. This way, you can use this information to specifically target a certain market that needs this kind of service. 

Think About Intersecting Your Ideas

If you’re struggling to think of a unique selling proposition, you can try intersecting (or combining) two ideas into one.

This opens up many opportunities for creativity and innovation and to play on more than one of your practice’s strengths. 

So, think about what none of your competitors offers and try to aim for that. For example, what are the opening times for your competitors?

Do any of them offer 24-hour care, like an emergency room for teeth? Or a 24-hour helpline where they can contact a dental expert? 

Additional Points About Developing Your USP

The whole point of developing a unique selling proposition is to sell your practice to patients by giving additional value to your practice.

This means that your USP needs to be valuable to your business and makes it valuable to your patients. 

So, if your unique selling proposition is your funky alternative decor, then what is the point of that decor?

Is it designed to help ease anxieties and fears that your patients may feel when visiting your practice? Is it so children feel more comfortable when visiting your practice? 

Your unique selling point should aim to improve the experience your clients have when they visit your practice.

There’s no point in being known as the dental practice with a dog at the reception unless that dog offers some value to your practice.

Is the dog there to act as an anxiety dog, to help your patients? Or are you using an animal as a mere prop?

There’s a fine line between a unique selling proposition and a gimmick. Avoid becoming the practice with a gimmick that offers no value to your customers by thinking carefully about what your patients need. 

A unique selling point will bring value to your practice and its reputation.

Without value, your practice will become well-known but not tempting to potential new patients, ultimately degrading your practice to nothing more than local gossip. 

It’s All About Your Patients

Coming up with an effective unique selling proposition is about customer research and pinpointing what your patients need in a dental practice.

What is preventing them from visiting the dentist, or what could vastly improve their experience when they visit?

For example, one of the most common issues patients complain of is a fear of the dentist.

Anxieties heighten with the thoughts of someone invading your mouth with sharp objects and potentially causing you pain. So many dentists try to take steps to solve this and then sell the solutions as their unique selling proposition.

From calming decor to transparency regarding their dentist’s and practitioners’ credentials, dental practices will try anything to solve the blocks preventing their patients from visiting their practice. 

Another popular issue facing dental patients is the rising costs of dental treatment.

Effective unique selling propositions that tackle this include competitive prices, sprawled payment plans to make paying off a patient’s treatment easier, discounted services to children and the elderly, running interactive competitions for the chance to win discounted or free treatments, etc. 

As you can see, there are a lot of unique selling propositions you can come up with, but there’s one step you need to take first: audience research. 

Before you develop your unique selling proposition, you must effectively research your audience to see what issues they face when visiting the dentist.

You can then aim to tackle the biggest concerns and use them as your USP! 

Final Thoughts

So, a unique selling proposition (USP) is super important for dentists to have and use in their marketing campaigns.

They are the key to beating out the competition and improving the success of your dental practice – so use the above advice to develop your USP today!