The 8 Best Dental Blogs You Need To Follow

The 8 Best Dental Blogs You Need To Follow

You sometimes need inspiration for posts and content ideas when running your dental practice blog.

Alternatively, you could be a dentist yourself who wants a way to stay motivated with your work and keep your expertise on the subject.

The 8 Best Dental Blogs You Need To Follow

A great way to stay invested in being a dentist is to follow a few dental blogs.

Dental blogs can offer hints and tips to dentists and clients, covering a wide range of interesting topics and staying up to date with all the latest technological developments and policy changes. 

However, with so many dental blogs, which ones should you follow?

Here is our list of the best dental blogs out there. Take a look at the picks below and find the right ones to follow today! 

The Teeth Blog

A great place to start on your dental blogging journey is The Teeth Blog. 

Set up in 2017, The Teeth Blog aims to provide valuable information related to various dental topics.

It’s run by a team of dental experts who all share their knowledge and opinions on specialist topics. 

From oral care to brand reviews, there are many articles to sift through here. You can check out a professional’s opinion on many dental products, from teeth aligners to teeth whitening kits.

This makes it a great blog to check out for dentists and dental patients as they cover a wide range of consumer reports, so you know what to recommend to your patients! 


123Dentist has its dental clinics and practices. Still, the company’s blog is also a great way to stay on top of important dental news regarding policies and technology and interesting and informative pieces regarding dentistry-related topics. 

Their blog also aims to stop the spread of misinformation by tackling topics head-on, even discussing the myths around oral health and how things like medication can affect your teeth.

They even dip their toes into topics related to sedatives and childcare – things their patients will probably be worried about when seeking treatment! 

So, 123Dentist has a great blog that can be used as a place of resources for dentists and patients. 

1st Family Dental

This dental blog is the one to go to whenever you need answers to a specific question. This is because 1st Family Dental tackles content from the angle of a question commonly asked by patients and dentists.

As a result, you will likely find the answers you see on this blog. 

1st Family Dental features a range of articles on their blog; each is headlined with a very basic but important question.

For example, questions such as ‘when should I take my child to the dentist?’ and ‘are dental x-rays safe during pregnancy’ are used as headers for their articles, and the answers are very clearly explained. 

This means that patients can use this blog to find answers to all their questions, and dentists can use them as a resource to answer their own patients’ questions and queries.

It’s a helpful and reliable site that aims to make visiting the dentist easier for all. 

Mouthing Off

We love this blog due to its fun, laid-back personality, making it a perfect fit for young dentists and students everywhere.

Run by the American Student Dental Association (ASDA), their Mouthing Off blog tackles topics and concerns that most student dentists have. 

With articles ranging from dental care, financial concerns, and mental health, the Mouthing Off blog is the perfect place where professional dentists can find like-minded individuals and feel a part of a bigger, wider community. 

The content is vast, the tone of voice fun and easy to read, but the information and advice are solid and reliable.

All these factors combine to make a super interesting blog that you can spend hours reading.

This makes it a fun, educational blog for dentists to read and you are sure to learn a lot about niche dental topics through this blog alone! 

Ask Dr Spindel

Want a blog that is more complex and professional? 

Then this blog, run by Dr Spindel, a decorated dentist well known for his various professional studies and achievements, is the perfect one for you.

Dr Spindel is an experienced veteran of the dental industry and thus can offer practical advice to dentists all across the states. 

The blog covers more complex topics and is written in a more sophisticated voice, although it’s still easy to understand.

However, each article is more like a journalistic article in an academic resource that shows that Dr Spindel knows his stuff! 

The reliability of this blog and its content is further backed up by the fact that Ask Dr Spindel is also recognized by The Washington Post, so it’s a valuable and reliable resource you can use for professional research. 

Dentistry IQ

Another great blog filled with resources for professional dentists is DentistryIQ. 

DentistryIQ addresses many serious issues that may concern dentists, ranging from pay to the role of assistants to the effects of Coronavirus.

DentistryIQ serves as a great blog to keep on top of news and information regarding the business side of dentistry as well as the technological and human sides too. 

It’s a great blog to follow for professional resources that are academically backed and have plenty of content that is relatable and relevant to every single staff member in a dental practice.

This means something to everyone here, ranging from the dentists to the assistant, managers to hygienists.

Rather than focusing purely on dental care and hygiene, DentistryIQ also discusses topics such as dental practice management, products, and industry news. 

So this is a blog that the whole team can engage in! 

Oral Health Foundation

If oral health is your main concern, then the Oral Health Foundation’s blog is a great one to check out.

Its main concern is oral health and care, which means it touches on topics ranging from money-saving to diet changes you can make to benefit your oral health. 

This makes it a great blog for patients and dentists alike, as it was created to be an easy-to-follow guide to improve oral hygiene and care for teeth, gums, tongue, lips, and more.

Oral Health Foundation even has posts that guide you towards lowering your risk of cancer to which baby foods are the best to feed your baby based on how much sugar they contain. 

Oral Health Foundation is a general dental blog dedicated to improving its readers’ oral health.

It makes sense for a dentist to follow it and recommend it to patients concerned about their oral health! 

Polkadot Pediatric Dentist

Perhaps you are more concerned about your kids’ oral health or have a lot of young patients.

If this is the case, then following a blog dedicated to pediatric dentistry and children’s oral health can be a big help. This blog is the one for you! 

Polkadot Pediatric Dentist is a blog that tackles oral hygiene and care in children and is a huge help to parents and dentists alike.

With topics ranging from enamel erosion, the effects of sedation, pacifiers and breast milk, there are tons of articles to read and learn from here.

It’s a blog most parents should check out if they are concerned about their children and are curious to know when they should take away the pacifier and if it will affect their baby’s dental development. 

Even dentists can rely on the expert advice in this blog and pass on the wisdom to their patients, so check it out for yourself! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a ton of dental blogs to choose from. 

Each blog ranges from impersonal to professional, with niche topics focusing on topics including pediatric dentistry, business and management, student dentists, and more.

Well-renowned dentists even write some, so you know the information you are getting is sound and reliable. So, you will find the right dental blog that best suits your situation and needs. 

Check out the above blogs to keep yourself updated on all the dental industry news and learn something new about your field every day! Good luck!