Dental Practice - Patient App


With a patient app for your dental practice, you make it convenient and simple for your patients to stay in touch, make appointments, follow up, and more. With an app, you can communicate and connect with patients easily. 

Patients have the ability to schedule appointments, fill out forms or paperwork, or even send through a bill, all from their phone or computer. This simplifies the administration process for you and streamlines the process for them. 


We can help you create a patient app designed for your practice with any functionalities you might need. Our apps, like our websites, enhance the user experience with easy navigation and robust security measures. 

Take away administrative tasks and put them directly in the hands of your patients. You choose what features you need, from appointment bookings and contact forms to messaging centres and tailor-made content. 


Our team of experts can help you take your dental practice to a whole new level of growth through targeted and specific guidance.

Research and Analysis

Before starting any web design, we research competitors in your area to understand the market and what is working. Then, we plan a strategy to optimise your site for maximum visibility.

Responsive Web Design

Our web designs are optimised to be fast and responsive to keep your patients active and engaged. We ensure there isn’t lag time that can frustrate or turn away users.

Integrated APIs

Connect your existing dental programs to your website and CRM through simple and secure APIs. We prioritise GDPR compliance across all sites for your safety.

Website Optimization

We design responsive, beautiful, and user-friendly websites that are optimised for both browsers and mobile devices.

Easy Patient Management

Our dental patient app and CRM are designed to make patient management and communications easy and efficient.

Ongoing Support

The Upserp tech team provides ongoing support for web and tech-based applications. We respond quickly to any issues or problems and ensure your website is always up-to-date.

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