Dental Paid Advertising


Dental paid advertising encompasses several advertising tactics, including pay-per-click (PPC)  and social media advertising. Unlike SEO, paid advertising focuses on specific people through a targeted campaign. 

The goal of paid advertising is to find the right kind of prospective patients for your practice by analysing what your patients are looking for and targeting similar people with ad campaigns. These work to build brand awareness and nurture leads to conversion. 


Dental paid advertising can be a great tactic that is cost-efficient, measurable, and fast. While SEO takes time to build, paid ads can be in front of patients quickly. Our marketing experts work to create targeted campaigns to get new leads, all within your budget. 

PPC ads only cost if people actually engage, meaning you never spend on unengaged users. In fact, when executed well, a campaign will often pay for itself. Social ads can be run on small budgets with great ROAS (return on ad spend) rates. Whatever your budget, our experts will tailor solutions that work for you. 


Our team of digital marketing experts can help you take your practice to the next level with specific strategies that target your ideal patients and turn traffic into conversions.

Research and Audit

We work to understand the market and your target audience with a thorough audit of your existing site and research into competitors, to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

SEO Strategy

We use website and off-page Search Engine Optimisation as a key digital marketing strategy to boost organic traffic growth within your specific location.

Social Media

We work to align all your social media channels with your overall brand voice and develop a social strategy that engages users consistently.

Content Creation

We create a content strategy that matches your expertise to attract patients and build your authority online through articles, videos, and other online content.

Paid Advertising

Getting ads in front of patients is the quickest way to grow your practice. We work within your budget to create eye-catching ads to boost conversions – fast.

Analyse + Report

Once the plan is in place, the work isn’t done. We analyse tactics, adjust as needed, and report back to you with our findings to ensure your business is growing.

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