Mobile Websites: How To Avoid Losing Patients

Mobile Websites: How To Avoid Losing Patients

One of the first things your dental practice should do is set up a website. This allows patients to find important contact details and information about your treatments and services.

Mobile Websites: How To Avoid Losing Patients

However, while practices concentrate so much on their official website, they forget about the mobile version! 

Mobile versions of your practice’s website are more likely to be accessed by your patients, but if it’s poorly optimized, you can end up damaging their user experience and losing patients.

So, how can you make an effective mobile website for your dental practice? 

Here we will go through all the information you need about mobile websites for health practices. This way, you can ensure your mobile website is fully functional and just what your patients need!

Mobile Websites: What They Need And Why 

Most patients use their mobile devices rather than computers or laptops to look up information. After all, what’s the point of booting up a computer when you can quickly look up information on your smartphone? 

So, your mobile website must have all the information your patients are seeking, so what should you include? 

Address And Location 

First, you need your patients to be able to find your practice. This is because the most likely information your patients are using their mobiles to find is a location.

They’re likely lost or double-checking the address before they head out so your practice’s location needs to be easily found on your mobile website. 

Make sure that your practice’s ZIP code, street, town, and building number are on your mobile website. You can even try including a map to show where your practice is located visually. This can help some customers find your practice with ease. 

So, it’s important to include your practice’s location on your mobile website. Otherwise, your patients can’t even find your practice to visit for treatment! 

Opening Hours 

Now that your patients know where to find your dental practice, it’s time to inform them when they can visit your practice.

You need to include your opening hours for every day of the week. This means mentioning any time when your practice is closed, including lunch breaks, scheduled days off, vacations, etc.

This will allow your patients to schedule their appointments, ensuring they can find free time to visit your practice and check out your services and treatments. 

Each patient will have a different routine, meaning they can only visit your practice in a certain window.

For example, kids can’t visit for treatment during school hours, while other adults may be at work and can only visit on weekends. 

This is why ensuring that your opening hours are on your mobile website is so important. 

Mobile Websites:  How To Avoid Losing Patients

Contact Details 

The next important information to include on your practice’s mobile website is the practice’s contact details. This includes a phone number, an email address or even a message box where patients can instantly send your practice an inquiry. 

Contact details are important because your customers may want to enquire about certain treatments or even complain.

If you don’t have online booking available, most patients may want the practice’s phone number to book an appointment. Without it, you won’t have any patients! 

Therefore, you must make it easy for customers to contact your practice for whatever reason. 


Reviews are a great way to encourage potential clients to sign up for your practice and pay for your services.

For this reason, you will want to include highly-rated reviews on your mobile website so visitors can see them and be enticed by your practice.

This will help improve your practice’s reputation and brand, helping you increase your client base and gain customers rather than lose them. 

On the other hand, negative reviews can be damaging – but if you respond to these criticisms confidently and professionally, you can turn things around and impress your patients by listening to their complaints and doing everything you can to make it right. 

So, even negative reviews can work in your practice’s favour! 

Introduction To Your Practice

Finally, you can include some basic information about your practice. This can range from a heading saying that you are taking on new patients, awards your practice has received, or a video where different staff members greet visitors to your website. 

This will help make your practice feel more reliable and friendly, helping improve its reputation and entice even more patients to your practice. Win-win! 

Final Thoughts

So, a mobile version of your practice’s website is super important to your practice’s overall success. 

By ensuring that it is functioning and contains all the information your patients will seek, you can entice more customers to your services rather than chase them away through a lack of vital information.