Marketing Ideas To Attract More Patients To Your Dental Practice

The goal of every dental practice is to deliver high-quality services and treatment to its patients, but without any patients to begin with, your dental practice will not be a great success.

So, every dental practice wants to widen its client base – but how?

If you want to try different ways to bring more new patients to your dental practice, this is the place for you.

We are going to be taking a look at some great ways you can market your dental practice to potential patients in your area. Check out the information below, and try it out for yourself!

Why Marketing Is Important To Your Practice

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

From retail stores to salons to dental practices, marketing is the key to a business’s success as it brings in patients first.

Without a good marketing strategy, no one will know that your dental practice exists!

So, a solid marketing strategy for your dental practice is a must, but it’s not easy to think one up. Luckily, there are many methods you can try, but which best fits your practice?

Every dental practice is different and each has its strengths and weaknesses, so here is a method that many marketers use to determine the best way to structure their plans.

This method is known as the SWOT method and it involves sitting down and analyzing your business in four steps.

The steps are as follows:

  • Strength – For this step, you need to consider your business’s strengths and advantages over others. For dental practices, think about what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Weakness – This step forces you to accept the areas where your dental practice can improve. Think about the most common complaints you have from your patients and the biggest obstacles to success.
  • Opportunities – You need to consider how your business can grow and evaluate each.
  • Threats – Think about what issues can seriously impact your dental practice’s success and how you can prepare or avoid them altogether.

This SWOT method helps you understand the position your dental practice is in right now and think of a clearer path towards success.

With this in mind, you can now check out the below marketing methods to find the right ones that best suit your dental practice.

Dental Marketing: Ideas You Can Try Out

Here, we will go through some of the most popular (and successful) marketing plans and ideas that dental practices use to increase their patient base.

This way, you can find the right plan for you and your dental practice and hopefully attract more patients to your services.

Check out the below ideas and think carefully if they are applicable to your practice.

Target Audience Research And Identification

This is a step that most (if not all) dental practices will go through in identifying and researching their target audience.

This means you need to find out who is most likely to sign up for your services and how you can specifically market your practice to them.

Most dental practices find that women are most likely to sign up for their practice, mainly because women not only feel more confident tackling their health issues or desire cosmetic changes but because they are often the ones who end up making dental decisions for their families.

This doesn’t mean that men or fathers are any less viable customers, but targeting your practice at middle-aged mothers is more likely to increase your client base than targeting men.

However, this is where target audience research matters; your practice situation may be different.

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to find out what they are looking for in a dental practice. Is it information? Somewhere local and welcoming? Or a place with the best deals?

Get out there and ask your target audience, then use the data you have collected to start making your dental practice more marketable to your target audience.

This way, you can tailor your dental practice to be more attractive to your target audience and more and more patients will be more likely to sign up.

Improve Your Image

Word of mouth is one of the most common ways small businesses thrive.

The same goes with dental practices, as when you deliver a great, high-quality service, your patients are more likely to recommend your good service to others and encourage them to visit your practice.

On the flip side, a negative experience is likely to reach, on average 16 other people – losing you 16 potential customers.

So, a great way to market your dental practice through word of mouth is to brush up on your customer service.

Talk to your front desk staff and try training courses to improve their communication, listening, and organisation skills.

Streamline booking processes to cut down wait times and the time between appointments.

Ask for feedback, listen to your customers, and prove that you care about their opinion by acting on that feedback.

Simply brushing up the decor of your practice so it’s more modern and colourful, relaxing or bright (depending on the brand you hope to build with your practice) will help improve your dental practice’s image.

Also, ensure that everything is clean and sanitized – no one likes a dirty clinic!

So, brand and image are everything and once your patients are impressed with your quality of care and service, they will be more likely to encourage others to visit your practice naturally.

Play A Role In The Local Community

Most dental practices work in close-knit communities and neighbourhoods, so a great marketing plan you can try is to play a larger role in said community.

This way, your name becomes more circulated and popular as your patients see how much you are willing to put into the community.

This idea plays heavily into improving your brand and image, so set up things like a neighbourhood newsletter that spreads the latest dental news and encourages better oral health.

You can even host events and activities to help raise charity money, visit local schools to teach kids about oral hygiene, and sponsor local sports teams to get your practice’s name out.

Not only will this help you gain more new patients, but it will also retain them.

Members of such a community will have a lot of loyalty towards their dentists. The more you put back into the society you are a part of, the more likely your patients will appreciate your efforts and reward it by loyally sticking with your practice.

Set Up Social Media

Social media is a great online hub for communication as everyone will be more likely to share information they see online.

So, set up social media accounts to easily engage with your audience and help build a closer, more personal connection between your practice and its patients.

Share important news and updates, have fun and tell jokes, and make TikToks and funny songs to help promote oral health – all of these things will help your practice pop up on more local social media feeds and thus spread the word about your practice.

Another great thing about social media is that it’s free and easy to set up. Although you will need to make regular posts and keep the content fresh, the payoff is sure to be great.

You should also consider improving your web presence by setting up an official website for your dental practice.

This will help give your practice a more professional reputation and it can act as a central point for all your social media accounts.

Patients can visit it to find more in-depth information about the services and treatments you offer, learn more about your staff, book appointments and find contact details.

Social media is a far easier and more friendly way to approach and engage with your patient base.

Offer Better Deals Than Your Competitors

Although your dental practice’s image and brand are important areas to consider when marketing your business, you should also keep a close eye on your competitors.

Your competitors will have already established their patient base and established a reputation to make your business successful. You may need to poach and rival your competitors.

Offer better deals, more services, and longer opening hours to fit in more patients around their work hours.

Special offers for children and students, easier booking methods and access for those with mental and physical disabilities, and cheaper treatments – these are all great ways to offer your patients more than your competitors.

This will help your practice look more appealing than the competition and tempt your patients to ditch their old practice to sign up for yours.

Implement A Patient Referral Bonus System

One of the quickest and best ways to quickly spread the word about your business is to set up a patient referral bonus system.

This kind of system is very easy to understand.

All you have to do is offer a kind of discount or bonus treatment to patients who have successfully referred a friend to your practice and transformed them into patients.

When the new patient turns up and gives the name of the patient who referred them, you can reward that patient with a kind of product or service for a discounted price.

It’s an easy way to incentivize your patients (and employees) to spread the word about your dental practice and work hard to get more patients.

Push Out Those Five-Star Reviews

Customer feedback is important to all businesses as it gives a helpful insight into how your dental practice works and is seen by your clients.

Receiving negative feedback is a great way to fix issues with your practice and improve your service, and those great reviews work as a way to convince new potential patients to try your practice.

So, push out those great reviews which praise your practice.

Wear them like a badge of honour, and add them to your social media feeds, your practice’s website, on any posters or brochures you have; you can even put them in the window of your practice!

Make sure that everyone sees those five stars!

If you have a less favourable review, prove to your patient that you listen to their complaints and try to make it up.

Reply to online comments, reach out to patients personally and make the improvements where you can – and ask them to give your practice a second chance!

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few great marketing ideas you can try out to increase your patient base!

Some work better for certain practices than others, so carefully consider your dental practice’s position and try out the marketing ideas you think will work best!

With some hard work and patience, you should soon reap the rewards and see your dental practice’s patient base steadily increase.

So, check over the above ideas again, pick out the best ones for your dental practice, and give them a try! Good luck!