How To Use Online Reviews To Boost Your Dental Practice’s Success

How To Use Online Reviews To Boost Your Dental Practice’s Success

Once your dental practice is up and running, you will gather many reviews online. These reviews are super handy, but how can you use them to boost your dental practice’s success?

Here we will look at how you can leverage online reviews to help boost your dental business by attracting more patients and enticing them to stay.

How To Use Online Reviews To Boost Your Dental Practice’s Success

Check out the information below to find out how to do the same and make the most of your practice’s online reviews!

Where To Find Reviews For Your Dental Practice

The first step toward using reviews to boost your dental practice’s success is to find the reviews in the first place!

You may easily find reviews on your dental practice’s website, blog, or social media accounts.

This is because if your dental practice has a lot of local patients, then these are easy-to-access websites they will visit to complain or praise your practice directly.

However, there are other third-party websites where patients can review your services.

Websites such as Yelp also host tons of reviews for different businesses all around the world, so you can potentially find some reviews here.

The same goes for Google. People can directly review your practice on the information page when you search for its name.

These two websites are also particularly important because these are some of the first places patients will go if they want to learn more about your practice’s reputation.

So, you will be able to see all the reviews your potential patients see too!

If you don’t have a lot of reviews to work with, you can prompt your patients to leave reviews online.

Ask them after each appointment to drop a review and give them a link to your practice’s website or social media accounts.

Explain to them how helpful feedback is to improve your practice’s services and treatments, and you can even offer incentives such as raffles or discounts to get more people to leave reviews.

However, please don’t push your patients to leave reviews. You can make them feel pressured and uncomfortable. Suggest it to them but if they refuse, drop the topic!

Feedback And The Importance Of Reviews

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Reviews are super important to businesses because they offer free feedback to your dental practice.

With positive reviews, you can highlight them on advertising and marketing campaigns run by your practice.

Include the praise and positive feedback on social media posts, brochures, window posters, and more!

Make sure your potential patients see these, as they can help encourage others to sign up for your practice.

Even negative reviews are beneficial to your practice and should not be ignored.

They provide vital feedback that can help you make changes and improvements to your practice to help benefit all of your patients.

Plus, it allows you to show your patients that you value their input and listen to their needs and concerns.

For example, a negative review left on Facebook can be replied to, allowing everyone who reads that review to see that you responded to the criticism and offered to make it up to the patient.

Some patients would prefer refunds. Others return for another round of treatment for free to make up for the lack of quality they experienced before.

So, reviews can be used to mark your business’s progress and to make way for further success, but they are also capable of much more too!

Online Reviews And SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, meaning that the more times your dental practice is discussed online, the more likely it is to appear on the top of search engine results.

This means that if a potential patient searches for dentists in your area, your practice will appear at the top and above your competitors and who looks at the second page of Google?

This goes to show how important collecting online reviews are. Google will pick up on the keywords, including the name of your business, its address and how your services are reviewed.

This makes it more likely that others will find your practice all because your current patients leave reviews online.

To help keep track of this and your SEO progress, you can pay for additional management tools and services which help keep track of all the times your practice is mentioned in reviews and articles, as well as track your search results rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

However, these tools and services can be costly, so most businesses don’t opt for them until later in their practice’s success.

Final Thoughts

Reviews are super important to your business and its success.

Not only do they give good, honest feedback on your dental practice, but they can also encourage others to find and opt to sign up for your practice.

Track your online reviews, respond to any criticisms and complaints, and be sure to show off any positive reviews you have to help boost your dental practice’s reputation.

By doing all of this, your brand and reputation will improve over time and hopefully boost the success of your practice!