How To Make The Best Google Dental Ad

How To Make The Best Google Dental Ad

Every dental practice wants to be a success and to achieve success, your dental practice will need to reach out to many people and turn them into patients.

How To Make The Best Google Dental Ad

So, what your dental practice needs is a great advertisement and one of the best methods to achieve it is by using pay-per-click on Google Ads. 

There are a lot of benefits to using Google Ads and the pay-per-click marketing campaign, but you first need an amazing Google ad that will draw in potential new patients to click on the ad in the first place! 

If you are wondering what you need to include in your new Google dental ad to draw in the most visitors possible, then don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

We have researched some of the best Google dental ads to see what they all have in common. This way, you can use this information to create a highly marketable and effective Google Ad that will hopefully boost your dental business in no time! 

So, check out the below information to see our guide on how to make the best Google dental ad! 

Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Google Ad

First, let’s explain why your dental practice even needs a Google ad in the first place. With so many different marketing strategies you can try, why is this one so important?

Can you just skip making a Google ad for your dental practice and just focus on other marketing strategies? 

The thing is that Google is a very important tool that your patients use to find information. This means that the first place they will go to when they need to find a dental practice in their area is Google.

As a result, your practice needs an online presence in the form of a website and Google ad so potential patients can easily find you. 

Once your potential new patient has found your practice online, they can easily find important information such as your practice’s address, services, and contact information to book an appointment.

It’s easily one of the most effective ways to reach your target market! 

However, having a great Google ad and a website is not enough.

Google will promote certain search results and ads depending on how well the keywords associated with them match the search terms used by their users (we will go into this in more detail later).

So, it’s important that you masterfully craft your Google ad to ensure it reaches the widest audience possible and beats out your local competitors – but how? 

Let’s move on to how you can make the best dental Google ad for your practice! 

How To Make The Best Google Dental Ad

So, now you know why it’s important for your dental practice to have a great dental Google ad, but what should you include? How should you structure it? How long should this Google ad be? 

Here we will answer all your questions about creating the best possible Google ad for your dental practice. Check out all of the information below and keep it in mind when you start making your very own. 

Include Relevant Keywords

The most important area to work on when creating your dental practice’s Google ad is what keywords you include. 

This is because (as we said earlier) Google will use keywords used in a user’s search query to match with the best websites – and the more keywords you use in your Google ad, the more likely it will match with more searches.

The more searches your Google ad matches, the more potential customers your ad will reach. 

If you don’t use the correct keywords, your Google ad will not appear on people’s search results and not be seen by any new potential customers. 

However, you can’t be vague or use generalized keyword terms either.

Simply adding terms such as ‘cosmetic dentist’ or just ‘dental practice’ will be a surefire way to ensure that your Google ad is buried under a mountain of already pre-existing ads for hundreds of other dental practices. 

So, you need to be more specific in your keywords while ensuring they are still common and relevant to search terms.

For example, add in the town name of the place where your practice is located or the name of a specific type of treatment your practice specializes in.

Try terms such as ‘surgery’ or ‘consult’ as well – they are far less used than ‘practice’. This will help your Google ad stand out against the competition while still being relevant to search terms. 

Use Short But Snappy Headlines

Once you know what keywords to use, you can start writing your Google ad. Now, Google ads do not allow you to use many words. Your headlines are limited to just 25 characters – not words.

This means that your headline needs to grab the interest of your audience in just a few words. 

You need to pack in the information your audience seeks and use shortcuts with numbers and punctuation techniques.

Shorten your state or city down to initials (for example, New York City becomes the easily recognizable NYC) to save characters while still providing your audience with important information about your practice’s location. 

Numbers can also be used to convey average prices for treatments and services quickly, but also percentages or even customer satisfaction.

For example, ‘five-star reviews’ can be shortened to ‘5* reviews’.

Using punctuation such as exclamation marks, question marks, asterisks, and hashtags can also easily capture your audience’s attention while also acting as a shortcut for words, saving you on character space. 

Asking questions is also a great way to grab your audience’s attention while shortening your sentences.

Even if these questions are not grammatically correct, your audience will still be able to understand what your ad is saying and be interested in it. For example: 

“Need braces?” 

It will work as a quick, snappy way to grab your audience’s attention. 

What Content To Include In Descriptions 

Your heading is what first captures your audience’s attention. Still, the content of the ad overall is what retains it and turns those audience members into website visitors and, potentially, new paying patients. 

Google Ads will limit your description to 35 characters, which translates to around two lines of description.

The final part of the ad will include a display URL which will show up to 35 characters as well. Again, this means you must keep your information short and snappy while hitting those vital keywords. 

Just like with your heading, you should try to shorten words using abbreviations and symbols.

Swapping out the word ‘and’ for an ampersand (&) is an easy example, as well as shortening cities and states down to easily recognizable initials.

However, you should avoid using text language as it comes across as unprofessional and may lead some people to believe your practice is not legit. 

As for the content of your description, you should aim to encourage action while offering something valuable to your potential new customers.

From specialized services, discounts, competitive prices, or a unique selling proposition, you should consider what makes your practice worth signing up for and put that front and centre in your description. 

You should also keep in mind the popular keywords and search terms used by your potential clients and what issues they are seeking to solve.

For example, if teeth whitening services are in high demand, mention yours in your description! 

Use as many advertising techniques and persuasive language as possible. Mention awards and reviews, tease success stories, and use quotes from some of your already existing patients to validate your brand and reputation. 

Of course, you can’t fit everything into these 35 characters alone, so think carefully about what to include and leave out! 

As for the display URL, you should use a link that will take those interested in your ad to your practice’s website.

A dedicated landing page made specifically for those who have clicked on your Google ad can then be used to develop the content you included in your description.

So, consider setting up a website and landing page for your dental practice before uploading your Google ad! 

Use Technology To Your Advantage

If you want to add more to your Google ad, then it is possible to pay for additional ad extensions, which will allow you to add more important information.

For example, you can add an exact address or phone number without reducing the characters in your description and this can help convince those viewing your ad to check out your practice! 

There are even tools that help you find the best possible keywords to use for optimized search engine results and use ‘phrase match’ to help boost the visibility of your ad.

This will ensure that those viewing your ads are actively searching for the services you offer and, thus, be more likely to click on the ad to view your website. 

Check out the Google Ad settings to see how you can optimize your ad even further! You can even allow your Ad to be seen in multiple ad groups to reach even more people!

Final Thoughts

So, Google ads are a great way to boost your practice’s online presence and find a new audience of potential clients and patients.

As most people take to Google to try and find the best dental practice that meets their needs and is located nearby, it just makes sense to make a Google ad for your dental practice! 

However, making a great Google ad is easier said than done. 

To make a great Google Ad with all the information your patients seek, check out the above.

Read through it, apply it to your dental Google Ad, and hopefully, the new patients will soon start rolling in! Good luck!