9 Fun And Exciting Dental Facebook Ideas That Work

9 Fun and Exciting Dental Facebook Ideas That Work (+Free Graphics)

Facebook is an excellent and effective tool for promoting your business. But if you’ve never used it before, it can become confusing. Between photos, contests, and hashtags, it can all become overwhelming.

Whether you’re a digital marketing master or are brand new to the idea, we’ve got 9 Facebook post ideas for your dental practice.

Increase your engagement, revitalize your Facebook page and watch your business flourish. All with 9 simple but tactical Facebook post ideas.

Ask Questions

One thing people love to do is discuss themselves. People love to talk about their daily lives, from their eating habits to bedtime routines.

You can start a conversation with your followers by asking a simple question: ‘What’s your favourite toothpaste? Colgate or Crest?’.

By asking questions, you are inviting your audience to start a conversation and engage with your content.

This can encourage them to follow your Facebook page and see your services. They will also be more inclined to become a patient after engaging with your content regularly.

However, if you forget one simple yet crucial step, you may lose your audience altogether. You must include the action words ‘like’ and/or ‘comment’.

By simply including the command ‘Like if you prefer Colgate or Comment if you prefer Crest!’ you are utilizing your audience’s need to discuss their preferences in a fun and friendly way. All the while promoting your business.

Once you have generated enough organic traffic through the question, you can post your favourite on your Facebook page. This is a great way to further engagement and will even encourage those you chose to share your page, giving you an organic promotion.

Interesting Facts

Your Facebook page’s reach can increase with informative postings, and they can also help you establish your authority. If your readers find these posts helpful, they’ll probably pass them along to their contacts.

By sharing facts about their dental health with your followers, you can help build a trusting and loyal relationship with your audience. This is crucial when turning followers into patients.

You can even begin generating engagement and interaction by prompting your followers to comment on their own interesting facts about dental health! This will generate organic traffic to your site as more people become involved and share your content.

There are endless possibilities, including segments on your page such as ‘Truth Bombs’ or ‘Myth or Truth’ that can be fun for your audience to engage with.

This eliminates the authoritative tone your page may hold and make followers more comfortable with sharing their concerns. They may even become a patient.

Sharing interesting facts is a basic but fun method of creating a relationship with your audience.

People want to learn more, and in the age of health and fitness, this is the perfect time to teach your audience about their oral health.

Show Real People

Fun and Exciting Dental Facebook Ideas That Work

This is an important element in breaking down the barrier and creating a working relationship with your audience. If you have a core audience then sharing your staff is an excellent way to make them feel closer to you and your business.

As you begin your Facebook page, you may wish to share a photo and small biography of each of your team members. You can do this weekly or monthly to help add a human element to an otherwise digital communication platform.

Share more than their name, position, and professional photo.

Make it fun! Share a happy moment in the office, such as their birthday or allow your staff to share a heartwarming story from working at your practice.

This will catch the attention of your audience and provide a fresh emotion that they are unlikely to forget when they leave your page.

If you can’t find the time to share each staff member individually, a team photo is an excellent option. Snap a quick team photo and share it with your followers.

By sharing personal experiences like these with patients, both current and prospective, you help them feel at ease during sessions.

Another option is to share patients’ stories. If they are comfortable with posting their experience, you will show your audience that there are real people behind the computer.

The patients you choose to post will also feel special, adding a unique feature to their customer experience. You may just find yourself gaining points for customer satisfaction more than you thought could be possible.

Post Memes Or Jokes

When people log onto their social media, it is often a form of relaxation. They don’t want to be pressured to book their dentist appointment, and they want to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Posting memes or jokes related to your business can boost your engagement immensely.

Don’t be afraid to post some humorous content occasionally. It may be a funny meme, a corny pun, or a dentistry joke.

Because a “haha” reaction has the same weight as a “like” or a “love” reaction when it comes to engagement rates.

Followers may even be inclined to share the post with their friends and family furthering your engagement and making more people aware of your practice.

Find simple, lighthearted ways to make your followers laugh and see your engagement grow.

You may even find it effective to poke fun at yourself, adding to the human element of your Facebook page. This can allow people to relate to your page and enjoy viewing your content.

Businesses are even trying to create their own memes to generate traffic. One viral meme can do wonders for your business and your Facebook page.

Showcase Patient Reviews

Fun and Exciting Dental Facebook Ideas That Work (+Free Graphics)

Wanting to show off the quality of your service? Sharing patient reviews not only helps promote your business and highlights to potential customers the quality of the service they will receive.

This aids in building trust with your audience and increases your credibility against other dentists.

Whether you keep your patient anonymous or display their name and picture, you must gain your patient’s consent. As people see the service you provide and the patient’s customer satisfaction, you will notice a high increase in potential patients.

You must remember to encourage patients to post a review of your service on your Facebook page.

From there, you can share and showcase that the proof is in the pudding. You deliver high-quality service, and here is the evidence to prove it.

Having a page on your website specifically for patient reviews is also an important step in increasing your Facebook engagement.

People want to know from others that what they are paying for is of good quality. So let your patients do the talking, and you share their experience. Why give yourself more work than you need to?

Create Videos

This is an idea that you can get creative with. Create a dental practice tour video, show off your new equipment, and share the before and after of your patient’s treatments.

You can create endless video content to share with your audience, allowing them a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of a dental practice.

While you may feel this is unnecessary, your audience may feel differently.

You can build a strong connection by simply sharing your day-to-day life at the office or giving more in-depth explanation videos of oral health procedures.

These videos do not have to be movie quality, either. Grab your own smartphone or a colleague’s and start recording. With simple editing to fix any mistakes or to make the video shorter, you can have a great post to generate loads of organic engagement.

A few things to remember are:

  • Keep it short and sweet. In the age of social media, consumers do not have the same attention span as they once did. A video should be no longer than 30 seconds long in order to keep your audience engaged unless it is a deep explanation guide.
  • Keep it fun. Add graphics, and include staff and patients (with their consent) within the videos to keep them light and upbeat. No one wants a lecture about their oral health.
  • Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you don’t like the end results or it doesn’t gain as much engagement as you hoped, you can always take it down and try something else.

You can also live stream your videos. For example, when showcasing a procedure, you can show your audience what is involved in real-time with a thorough explanation.

You can also answer any questions, creating an active dialogue with your followers.

Fun, lighthearted videos and educational videos are effective in gaining more traction outside of your core audience. Encourage your followers to like, share and comment on your content to help spread your brand further.

Your audience can be involved in content creation by asking what content they want to see next. This means you are directly meeting your patients’ needs and strengthening the relationship.

Run Contests

Creating fun and interactive content can be simple on Facebook. Through contests and giveaways, you can gage how many of your followers engage with your content.

This can be simple such as asking your followers to share pictures of their smiles using the hashtag created for the contests.

Or asking them to share, like, and comment on the post. You can then choose the winner for a range of prizes. Hampers, free procedures, or discounts are all great options.

Contests are a low-effort way to create brand awareness and attract new potential patients.

A popular contest is a ‘Caption this’ contest. Post a funny picture to your Facebook page and ask your audience to caption it. Select your three favourite entries and ask your followers to vote for the winner.

Keeping your followers involved within your Facebook page is an effective way to generate a buzz around your practice.

The main goal of running contests and giveaways through social media is to increase engagement and brand awareness. You are working to develop a relationship with your audience, and contests make it simple.

You just have to ensure the instructions and the prizes are clear for your patients. The goal of the contest should align with your brand goals.

Whether it’s to generate an increase in loyal patients or to educate more people on the effects of poor oral health, each contest should work to help you reach your goals.

Create A Schedule

If you often find yourself confused about what to post each day, create a schedule. It has been shown that brands who post frequently and consistently see more engagement than brands who post without structure.

The time at which you post is highly important. Following the structure of a general working day, 9 am to 5 pm, there are certain times you should be posting.

Posting content before 9 am, at 12 pm, and after 5 pm are the most active times on social media. This will increase your content engagement and build an image that you are reliable with your audience.

Another way to create a schedule for your content is through hashtags. For example, #MondayMotivation and #TBT. As you post a motivational quote, each Monday, clients will feel inspired when they search for your page.

Posting a throwback every Thursday (#TBT) will send your audience down memory lane and elicit a sense of nostalgia. These are great ways to ensure a consistent flow of content on your platform and that people know what to expect from you.

There is a range of content scheduling tools that can help keep you on track. Analytic technology can highlight what content gains the most traction and where you may need to make some improvements.

Utilizing these systems will help you improve your ability to post consistently and show your followers that you are reliable.

You should aim to post every day; however, for some dental practices, this is unrealistic.

Posting every other day is a great way not to overload your followers with content

and keep your page fresh and exciting.

Don’ts Of Facebook Posting

While we have covered what you should be posting, there are certain things you should not be posting. We’ve put together a list of content ideas that you should avoid posting on your Facebook page:

  • Personal Posts. An important aspect of posting on social media is to give your followers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and to break down the barrier between dentist and patient. However, you want to avoid being too personal on your Facebook page. There must remain a level of professionalism on your platform.
  • Dental Equipment. As you are aware, many people have anxiety when it comes to even making their dentist appointments. Sharing pictures of dental equipment can be a source of anxiety and discourage them from interacting with your content. Avoid posting pictures of equipment, but if it is necessary, then add a warning to allow people to scroll past the photo without being triggered.
  • Graphic Pictures. As a dentist, you may find the weird and wonderful cases you have worked on interesting, but patients may not have the same interest. This can be harmful to your business and your Facebook page. Keep your content lighthearted and fun with a splash of educational content to ensure your followers are entertained and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a few questions regarding Facebook posting ideas, we have the answers to the most common ones.

How Often Should Dentists Post On Facebook?

When you are growing your page and have less than 1000 followers, it is recommended to post every day. Posting 2-3 times a day will help build awareness of your Facebook page until your engagement begins slowing down.

How Can I Schedule Multiple Posts On Facebook?

There are numerous content scheduling tools available, and Facebook even offers its own.

You can schedule multiple posts across multiple platforms to ensure you get the most out of your content.

Many even come with an Analytics system to help you monitor the success of your content.

Final Thoughts

Creating, scheduling, and managing your social media platforms can be a full-time job. However, it is important for the success of your business. It can be hard to keep your content exciting and fun!

Following the do’s and don’ts of the content, the posting world can be confusing. That’s why we created these simple nine ideas!

Keep your content lighthearted, exciting, and engaging with a contest or a funny meme. The possibilities are endless.

You will see your patient list and your Facebook page engagement grow with these nine simple post ideas.

Try them out today and involve your followers to keep things fun. Enjoy building a relationship with your followers and watch as your audience grows!