Dentists And Blogging: 7 Ways To Bond With Your Market

4 Reasons Why A Website Is Important For Your Dental Practice

The main goal of any dental practice is to create a loyal customer base while providing high-quality services and treatments.

However, many dentists use lots of different methods to achieve this and one method that has been growing in popularity recently is blogging. 

Blogs can appear on your dental practice’s website and can be used in many ways to bond with your target market – but how? 

Here, we will look at all the benefits of blogging and how dentists can use this to their advantage.

Check out the methods below to see if blogging is the right method for you to use to build up a loyal patient base! 

Dental Practice Websites: Do You Even Need One? 

Websites are a hugely important thing for every dental practice to have.

They act as a central hub for your patients to find out about new treatments, news relating to your practice, and perhaps even how to book their appointments online, but you can also use it to find new patients. 

Using a website for your dental practice opens up doors for online marketing, pay-per-click, and local SEO, which helps you climb to the search results for dentists in your local area.

This means new patients can find you easily, and you can even create additional revenue every time someone visits your practice’s website. 

However, there are limits to a website. For example, while it can help you find new patients, it does little to help you bond with them.

Patients are more likely to stick with a dental practice they care about.

So, you must build a strong relationship with your target market so they can trust in your expertise and adding a blog to your dental practice’s website can help you achieve that! 

How To Bond With Your Target Market Through Your Blog

So, a blog can be a great way to bond with your target audience, and as a result, many dental practices have been adding blog sections to their websites to achieve this.

But how exactly does a blog work to bond with your target market? 

Let’s take a closer look at how blogs help dental practices bond with their patients. 

Put A Face To Your Practice 

One way dental practices use their blogs is by featuring important people who act as a part of the overall team.

This means that dentists can feature members of staff ranging from customer service, the dentists themselves, and more on the blog – letting their target market become more familiar with the faces they will find around the practice.

This will help your target market feel more confident and comfortable approaching your staff for help and treatment.

Your staff will no longer become strangers and have the chance to highlight their personalities. This serves as a way to introduce themselves to their patient community, and they can contribute by writing their posts. 

By putting faces to your practice, you can help give your practice its voice and quickly integrate it into its local community. 

Speak To Your Market On Their Level

When a patient visits your dental practice, there is a very clear professional relationship between them and their dentist.

However, by using a blog on your dental practice’s website, you can help break down those professional barriers and address your market on a more casual, friendly level. 

Some dental practices mistake using too much formal, professional language, which only alienates their market.

After all, nobody likes to be spoken down to, so using a blog allows you to change the tone and context of your patient interactions.

This can help make your practice feel less like a cold, unfeeling business and more like a business with a personality. 

Deliver Interesting Information

Regarding content, it just makes sense to cover topics related to your dental practice and its services.

However, it’s important to ensure that the content you deliver is also interesting to your audience. 

Your target market will not be interested in any high-end, professional content that you will find on blogs directed towards dentists themselves.

Instead, you can cover topics that help others see dentistry in a more positive light.

Allowing your staff to write their pieces can help as it can show them the humanity of dentistry, as well as give helpful information and advice when it comes to things like flossing, teaching kids to brush their teeth, and even how managing your anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. 

Think about what information fits your blog best, and don’t be afraid to reach out to your patients to see what kind of content they would also like to see! 

Focus On Your Community

There are a lot of dental practices out there, but this means that you have something that a lot of big brands do not have a small, local community that you can discuss directly with your dental practice’s blog! 

This means you can bond with your target market by discussing changes in the community, big upcoming events, or losses to the community.

Not only will this help with SERP and SEO for local dentists, helping you reach out to new patients in your area, but it also shows how your practice plays an important part in the community. 

Use your blog to discuss things like raising awareness for issues, money for charity, supporting your local sports teams and schools, and spotlighting residents. All this will prove to your target market that you are willing to give back to the community your practice is a part of! 

Open Up Discussions With Patients

Blogs are impersonal, but one of the great things about them is that you can use them to open up conversations and discussions directly with your market. 

To do this, allow your patients to react to your blog posts and leave comments, replies, or questions relating to the content you have covered.

Not only will this increase the feel of a close-knit community, but this will also allow you to address your market directly and build relationships with individuals. 

Opening up two-day discussions will help personalize your practice and make your patients feel like they are engaging with a person rather than a business. So, take this opportunity to engage with your patients! 

Refer To Your Social Media

Social media is a great way to interact and inform your market quickly; a majority of your patients will likely use some form of social media.

So, why not use your blog to point towards your social media accounts and vice versa? 

This will help create an easier user experience for your market, plus it allows them to stay on top of all the news and information you have shared.

Social media is also a visual way to engage with your market through images, infographics, and even videos – so widen your horizons by tying your blog in with your social media accounts. 

Post, Post, Post! 

All these methods and posts will be useless unless you stick to a regular uploading schedule with your blog.

A post here and there will make your market forget that you even have a blog, and they will be less likely to revisit your blog unless you post regularly. 

So, set up a schedule to have a periodic posting strategy to keep your market coming back for more.

This will also keep your market on top of any news, plus reduce their risk of losing interest in your blog – and, by proxy, your dental practice! 

You don’t have to post every single day, but you should set up an uploading schedule that suits your business and audience alike.

A few weekly posts will keep the content fresh, and your market is less likely to feel burnt out by your blog. So, find a schedule that works for both! 

Final Thoughts

It can be argued that every dental practice needs to have a website, so why not use this opportunity to run your dental blog through your practice?

There are a lot of benefits to this, but the main one is that it will help you bond more with your target market.

A blog can help clients find your practice and feel welcome there. You can participate in your local community and share important updates and information through one platform – so try it out!