Branding 101: How To Make Your Dental Practice Brand

When setting up your dental practice, one of the first things you will consider is the brand.

Brands are super important when setting the first impression with your new patient base, so you need to know all the basics about branding and how to utilize it to boost your practice’s performance.

But how?

Here we will be discussing the basics of branding and how you can make a great brand for your dental practice. Hopefully, this will then help your business be more successful. 

So, with that covered, let’s dive in! 

What Is Branding? 

Let’s start with the very basics – what is branding? 

When you first think about a brand, you may initially think about the logo and the name. Think Apple and its famous apple icon or Disney and the big princess castle.

However, branding is far more complicated than that. The name of your business and its logo are just two small (yet important) pieces of the larger picture. 

The official definition of a brand in business is the overall perception of a company.

This means your brand affects every aspect of your business, from the uniforms you wear, the atmosphere of your dental practice’s waiting room, the language and behaviour of your staff, how your website is run, etc. 

Your brand is about how your dental practice comes across to your patients.

Going back to that Disney example, the brand of Disney is more than just a name and the iconography of a fairytale castle.

It’s this idea of squeaky-clean entertainment, family-friendly movies and shows, and the company’s goals to share exciting tales and make dreams come true.

There’s trust from audiences and customers that when they watch a Disney movie, it will be suitable for children and lots of fun. This is Disney’s brand and it has been built up and refined over many decades. 

This shows what the ‘brand’ of a company is, how others perceive it and what people think of when they mention the company’s name. 

So, when setting up your brand for your dental practice, you need to think of the experience you want your clients to have and the nature of your business.

What are your personality and style and what kind of relationship do you want to have with your patients, and how well your brand stands out against your competitors?

These factors help create a unique image for your business – your brand! 

How To Set Up Your Dental Practice Brand

Setting up your brand can be exciting but also incredibly difficult – especially for small businesses.

You can sit down with a branding team who can help you achieve the kind of brand you want (by helping you choose the colours for your website and logo, for example). 

However, when it comes to deciding how your patients perceive your practice, things can be more tricky.

Here are five areas you will want to consider and how to implement them into your brand! 

Step One: Brainstorm 

This is your company, your dental practice – so think about what you want your clients to think and feel when asked about your business. 

Most dental practices want their patients to trust in them, to feel that your practice can be relied upon for great quality services and treatments and that their staff put their patients first.

Some want to be more professional and sophisticated and emphasise the quality of their services rather than a close relationship with their patients. 

So, the first step is to write down some ideas and thoughts on paper. This will serve as your stepping stone into the next stage of your brand. 

Step Two: Research

Now, you need to find out more about the current market.

It’s unlikely that your dental practice will be the only one in the area, so check out your competitors to see what their websites are like, their services are, and what patients think about their services. 

Researching your competitors will help you make a unique brand in terms of fonts, colours, names, and logos.

Avoid copying colour palettes; this will help your audience remember your practice and not get it mixed up with any others in the same area. 

Speaking of your audience, why don’t you research them too?

Find out what services people want, what they hate the most about their local dentist, do they prefer booking their appointments online or in person. 

Find out their opinions, preferences, and more as much as possible. This way, you can tailor your business to suit your audience’s wants and needs to ensure your practice’s success. 

Step Three: Pick Your Practice’s Personality

Using your initial ideas and research as a basis, it’s time to create your dental practice’s personality.

This will allow you to focus on a certain image you want your practice to be perceived as and build up your practice towards that goal.

This will affect everything from your website to the decor of your practice to the language and questions your front desk uses. 

So – how do you think of a personality for your practice? 

A good method is to think of a few keywords you want patients to use when describing your practice.

Words like ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’, or ‘professional’ are common keywords dental practices aim for but you can think bigger than that. Try ‘efficient’ or ‘expert’, ‘simple’ or ‘discreet’. 

Choose between three to five words to describe your practice. 

Step Four: Apply Your Practice’s Personality

Now that you have your practice’s personality nailed down, you can start to apply this to your practice itself.

Remember, you still want to stand out from your competitors, so pick a unique name and logo that stands out. 

This is where a branding team can come in handy because they will be prepared with all the skills needed to design a logo, colour palette, and website that can help convey your practice’s personality with ease. 

However, if you are doing this solo, ask yourself this question every time you change your practice’s website: what does this say about my practice?

Seriously, for every colour you use, font, and word you choose over another, what kind of image is this portraying? 

For example, take a dental practice that uses plain old black and white for their colour palette on their website and logo. Is it boring? Conventional?

Or sophisticated and simple? If you use a block font for your dental practice’s logo, is it portraying your practice as strong and reliable?

Or will cursive font be too difficult for your clients to read or be interpreted as too ‘feminine’ or elegant?

How is your front desk saying ‘welcome’ different from greeting clients with ‘how can I help?’ and how will that impact your brand?

Cover every aspect of your practice and think carefully about the choices you make when it comes to language, appearance, and more. 


Building a brand for any business is not easy and it takes a lot of trial and error, adapting and evolving but the payoff will be a huge, reliable patient base that trusts your practice and will be willing to recommend it to others. 

You don’t have to build your dental practice’s brand alone, as you can receive help from a branding team, but with just a bit of research and brainstorming, you can make the ideal brand all on your own. Good luck!