18 Best Dental Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

18 Best Dental Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now!

Running a dental practice isn’t easy and doesn’t leave you time to do much else, and while we all want to learn more about marketing and the ever-evolving industry to make sure we’re providing the best service to our patients we possibly can, how are we going to find the time to read books, or attend courses or seminars? Well, the answer may be with podcasts.

18 Best Dental Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now!

Podcasts have become popular recently, particularly as a fun, effective way to learn about new topics or brush up on an area of interest!

Plus, you can put a pair of headphones on with a podcast or let the audio play in the background. So you can listen to a podcast and learn valuable information while cooking, cleaning, or doing admin tasks. 

It may surprise you that there are hundreds of dental podcasts out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to 18 of the best!

So read on to discover your new podcast obsession that can help grow your business! 

A Tale Of Two Hygienists

In 2015, Andrew and Michelle created ‘A Tale Of Two Hygienists’ to help dental professionals grow in confidence with their clinical practice and inject some fun into the world of dental hygiene.

Bulletproof Dental Practice

Hosted by Dr. Craig Spodak and Dr. Peter Boulden, the Bulletproof Dental Practice gives expert advice on how to grow your dental practice by interviewing expert guests who give a fresh take on practice growth and management.

Plus, they provide the advice you can put into action to decrease your overhead and increase your profitability. 

Dental Digest With Dr. Melissa Seibert

Hosted by Dr. Melissa Seibert, Dental Digest is a podcast about evidence-based dentistry, so you’re always up-to-date on the latest in dentistry.

Every week Dr. Seibert interviews experts in evidence-based dentistry to discuss relevant literature, practices, and protocols.

Furthermore, the Academy of General Dentistry has now approved this podcast.

Dentistry’s Ideal Practices

Jayme Amos is the host of the Ideal Practices Podcast and is a best-selling author and expert in the growth of dental practices.

He is also the founder of the most popular website for new dental practices, and this is the exact subject of his podcast, helping you create your ideal dental practice!

Everyday Practices

Hosted by Dr. Chad Johnson and Vicki McManus Peterson, the Everyday Practices podcast features dental professionals’ and industry experts’ interviews on subjects such as dentist-to-patient interaction, practice finances, productivity, and how to market your practice.

Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Hosted by Dr. Vinh Nguyen and Dr. Glenn Vo, Nifty Thrifty Dentists may be one of the most entertaining dental podcasts ever.

Nguyen and Vo know that dentistry is difficult, but they make it fun with humour, interviews, and thought-provoking conversation.

Nobody Told Me That! With Teresa Duncan

Hosted by Teresa Duncan, the Nobody Told Me That podcast takes a look behind the scenes of dentistry and tackles business and management issues in your typical dental practice. 

Relentless Dentist

Dr. Dave is the host of Relentless Dentist, a certified High Performance and Leadership Coach and the co-founder of the Dental Success Network and the co-author of Titans of Dentistry.

In this podcast, you can learn high-level techniques that don’t just grow your practice but make managing your practice less stressful. 

Secrets Of Dental Marketing

This podcast is specifically for dentists who would like some advice on how to deal with insurance providers and how to turn their dental practice into a business based on cash. 

Start Your Dental Practice

In every episode of Start Your Dental Practice, they aim to answer what can sometimes feel like an impossible question – how do you start a dental practice?

They answer this question by interviewing expert consultants about overcoming the obstacles of starting your dental practice.

The Brendon Show

The Brendon Show is hosted by Brendon Burchard, a high-performance coach and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures in the world.

He regularly speaks to arena crowds of 20,000 people, as well celebrities, fellow coaches, his students, and now you!

While not strictly a dental podcast, we can all learn something from Burchard’s message of balance and finding a purpose in your work.

The Fee For Service Dentist Podcast By Dr. Drew Byrnes

Hosted by Dr. Drew Byrnes, this podcast features interviews with everyday dentists and industry experts to pick their brains on how they would grow a high-quality dental practice.

If you need some inspiration on how to grow your practice, look no further than this podcast! 

Delivering WOW

Delivering WOW is a podcast hosted by Dr. Anissa Holmes, who was voted one of the Top 25 Women In Dentistry by Dental Products Report.

With a Facebook page that has over 50,000 followers, Dr. Holmes has mastered social media for growing her business. In her podcast you can learn useful tips about developing your dental practice. 

Dental Drill Bits By Sandy Pardue

Hosted by Dana Salisbury and Sandy Pardue, Dental Drill Bits is a podcast discussing the issues faced by dental practices today in a fun and casual way.

Dental Hacks

Dental Hacks is a weekly podcast that features interviews with fascinating people discussing the hottest topics in dentistry today.

The podcast also features discussions with the Dental Hacks Brain Trust, a panel of witty dentists talking about issues commonly faced by dental practices.

Dental Nachos

Hosted by the Dental Amigos, Dental Nachos is a podcast celebrating the bonds created in dental practices and how friendships can be made via dentistry.

Dental Practice 911 Radio

Dental Practice 911 Radio is a podcast that helps struggling dental practices turn their fortunes around and improve their finances and systems.

Dental Up

Dental Up is a podcast that discusses everything to do with dentistry.

It is hosted by Shaun Keating, who hosts no-holds-barred interviews with special guests on topics such as education, industry standards, innovation, and technology.

Final Thoughts

Many of these podcasts have highly valuable information on how to grow and develop your practice and how to keep up in the ever-evolving medical world. 

Meanwhile, some just put a light-hearted spin on dentistry, something we could all use sometimes after a stressful day at the office! 

No matter what you’re looking for in a dental podcast, one of these podcasts is bound to offer it.