who we are

Over twenty years ago, Andrew Kemp founded Isopharm Limited, a company dedicated to providing resources for and educating dental industry professionals from the ground up. Isopharm grew to become the leading CPD (continuing professional development) provider in the UK.

Today, Andrew brings that same passion and knowledge to Upserp Dental, a firm dedicated to helping dental professionals start and grow successful practices across the country. 

With a team of exceptional marketing experts and a firm understanding of the dental industry, we fully understand the challenges facing dental practices.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing a dental practice, and we want to share that knowledge and expertise with you. 

How we help

Optimising your website and dental strategy is our passion. We work with dental practices around the UK to develop robust marketing strategies that are honest, transparent, and value-driven. Our aim is to help dental practices maximise their profitability using a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies, branding, coaching, website and tech development, and reputation management. With these services, we can help you fulfil your vision.


Would you like to learn more about transforming your dental practice with tailored marketing support? 

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Our Case Studies

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